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ALPHA- MONO creatine

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A session of rigorous weight training demands a tremendous amount of energy from the body. The body generates this energy through the synthesis of the Adenosine Triphosphate molecules or ATP molecules that are considered to be the most basic energy source. They are called energy currency of the body. The more the production of ATPs, the higher the energy levels. However, once produced, the body cannot retain the ATP molecules for long. The body, at a time, can only keep ATP molecules enough to fuel 8-10 seconds of rigorous weight training. Thus, the body needs a constant supply of a protein source that can be easily digested and synthesized to ensure high energy levels in the body. Creatine is the amino acid produced during Protein synthesis that facilitates the production of ATP molecules. The creation of ATP molecules from Creatine facilitated by the presence of water in the body that ensures that it easily absorbed by the cells. The amount of Creatine created and stored in the body as Phosphocreatine is not sufficient for generating the amount of energy required for a severe resistance training session. Therefore, the supply of Creatine through dietary intake becomes essential for anyone who is into progressive strict weight training to gain muscle mass.
A Creatine supplement that is easily soluble and can be easily retained in the powerhouse of the cell can make an excellent pre-workout and post-workout dietary supplement.


Micronized Creatine Monohydrate: Creatine Monohydrate is the most popular form of Creatine used as a dietary supplement for instant energy generation. The muscle uses phosphate bonded with creatine to create the energy required during strength training. Creatine is the primary source of power for the muscles to gain strength and stamina. The brain uses Creatine to achieve stability and focus. The substance is responsible for higher levels of concentration and focus. It also helps to keep the muscles hydrated by drawing water into them and increases protein synthesis. It ensures that you have the strength and stamina required to undergo the training, build concentration, and increases focus, and you recover fast. Creatine Monohydrate improves muscle size and helps in gaining strength and endurance.


Q: Is it a pre-workout or a post-workout supplement?

A: You can use it as a pre as well as post-workout diet.

Q: How to use it? 

A: A single scoop can be used with 8-10 oz of water, half an hour before or after training sessions.

Q. Is it a weight gainer?

A: NO.

Q: Can it be used with other supplements?



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