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The body needs to restore and repair the muscles build through the untiring efforts and steely determination. A person who is serious about building muscles must ensure that the body is supplied with ample amounts of Protein for synthesis and release of Amino Acids, the building blocks of muscles. The Protein available in the body for integration ensures that the body gets Amino Acids in abundance for building muscles. The amino acid that is most abundant in the muscles is Glutamine and essential, as, in many instances, supplied through dietary intake. In addition to all the functions of Amino Acids, Glutamine is the most important. As it is not only crucial in the synthesis of the Branch Chain Amino Acids, the Amino that gives shape and gains muscle mass but also helps in increasing the body immunity and kidney function. It also plays an essential role in Nitrogen synthesis, which affects energy levels and can cause muscle fatigue. It also helps nerve coordination, focus, and kidney function. However, the amount of Glutamine lost during a rigorous weight training session might take a long while for the body to recuperate. 

Therefore it is essential for anyone who is into serious bodybuilding to ensure that the body is provided with a constant supply of this wonder, Amino.


Micronized L-Glutamine: Muscle comprises of 61% Glutamine. It is the most crucial component of muscle protein, a Nitrogen and carbon donor that helps in protein synthesis. It generates strength and stamina. Glutamine helps in recovery without muscle break by forming block protein and arrests muscle catabolism. Muscle catabolism or muscle burnout significantly reduces muscle strength and breaks muscles. The body might take almost six days to recover the Glutamine lost in a day's workout. In addition to protein synthesis, it helps the immune system and prevents illness.


Q: Is it a pre-workout or a post-workout supplement?

A: You can use it as a pre as well as post-workout diet.

Q: How to use it? 

A: A single scoop can be used with 8-10 oz of water, half an hour before or after training sessions.

Q: Can it be used with other supplements?



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