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Alliance Inferno Gel

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Alliance Inferno Gel is a super choice for heavy gym workouts and also for the people who play sports. A slimming gel for routine workout, helping many of body builders to stay fit, and helps you training like a fitness trainer. It increases your body temperature and 100% made out of natural and organic ingredients. It helps sweat more and burn more calories. Also, lose weight and get a slim tummy by improving your thermogenic activity sweat. Alliance Inferno gel also helps you improve blood circulation & concentrated on tough fat areas like tummy, thighs, and under arms. With powerful and natural ingredients that helps increase blood circulation, skin toning and burning of calories.

Make your body look slim, firm, tightening skin and young naturally. This gel does not cause any skin irritation and meets all medical manufacturing standards.

1. Helps you lose up to 2 inches of Waist line
2. Flatten your stomach and make it firm in just 3-6 weeks
3. Makes you sweat in gym and cardio workouts
4. Improve blood circulation to respond your areas like tummy, thighs, and arms.
5. D-limonene boost your metabolism and detox your system for fat burning.

How to apply:

1. Apply before starting any gym activity, running, walking or cardio.

2. Apply particular amount of alliance gel to a particular area of your body for perfect results

3. Wear a waste belt during your exercise time for faster results.

Ingredients: bees wax, Vitamin E, coconut oil, lemon essential oil, graspseed oil, eucalyptus oil.

Safety disclaimer:
This Inferno gel is for external use only. Please keep children away from it. By any chance, if irritation occurs, avoid using it. Avoid the eye contact with the gel. If swallowed, take medical help immediately. Do not use on any injury during playing sports or on eczema burns.