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Top Sports Nutrition Supplements

by Akshay Kothari 23 May 2022 0 Comments

Categories of sports nutrition supplements include sports drinks, protein supplements, creatine and performance enhancers. It is important to remember that supplements are not monitored by the FDA prior to going on the market.

Sports supplements include a variety of drinks, powder, and pills to improve sports performance.

It is important to talk to your doctor before you take any type of supplement, vitamin, or medication.

Protein Supplements


The body requires a constant supply of calories to fuel the rigorous and progressive weight training and body metabolism during dangerous muscle building. The essential micronutrient that provides the building blocks of muscles is Protein. The most common and abundant source of natural Protein is Whey that is available in lots of variants. This easily digestible Protein-rich Protein source is favored by all who are into serious bodybuilding as they are rich and easily digestible. The process of natural metabolism or breaking down of the Protein source takes a long time. It might result in the scarcity of Protein available for synthesis during and after weight training sessions. Therefore intake of a pre-workout and post-workout Protein supplement that is easily digestible is a wise choice. Whey Protein isolate is the purest form of Whey Protein and is the richest in Protein content.

To ensure a constant supply of easily digestible Protein sources to power the workout sessions and help the body to build, repair, and restore muscles throughout the day. Whey protein isolate supplements with added ingredients to boost energy levels can be used as pre-workout, post-workout dietary supplements. 

ISO Whey Protein

Isolates have more protein intake with less fats and carbs than whey concentrate does.    Separating the components from whey protein.... whey isolates contain the higher percentage of pure protein and can be pure enough to be basically lactose free, carbohydrate free, fat free, and cholesterol free.

Building muscles requires dedication in weight training and a planned diet. Protein is the building blocks of muscle tissues, and protein is synthesized with the help of amino acids, some manufactured by the body, and others supplied through dietary intake. The body requires vast amounts of protein that can efficiently synthesize, before and after the training sessions. This helps to gain and restore muscle strength, rebuild and build muscle tissues and recover without fatigue or muscle breakdown. Most protein-rich foods can provide essential Amino acids. However, the body might take hours for protein synthesis. Ensure that the body is slammed with a protein supply if the muscle is what you want to build.

ISO Whey Protein loaded with the purest form of Whey protein isolate. A single rounded scoop provides 6.28 g of the three branch chained amino acids that are instrumental in muscle building. ISO Whey Protein is easily digestible, provides the body with the right amounts of minerals, carbs, and fats along with the muscle-building; blocks of protein.



ALPHA- creatine HCL

The body generates this energy through the synthesis of the Adenosine Triphosphate molecules or ATP molecules that are considered to be the primary energy source of the body. The body can only retain ATP molecules enough to fuel 8-10 seconds of rigorous weight training at a given time and cannot store a vast amount of ATP molecules for long. For someone who is into serious weight training, it might seriously hinder the workout sessions as low energy levels will cut down the duration of the workout sessions and will cause muscle fatigue, thus defeating the very purpose of weight training. Creatine is the amino acid that facilitates the production of ATP molecules for the body to generate energy during the rigorous weight training sessions. The Protein structure is complex, and it takes a while for the body to break down the Protein source. The HCl present in the gut absorbs the Protein source, and the process of breaking down the Protein structure initiated. The more easily Creatine is incorporated in the body, the lesser time it will take for the body to produce the ATP molecules and generate energy. Therefore, the supply of Creatine through dietary intake that can be easily absorbed by the body becomes essential for anyone who is into progressive critical weight training. A healthy amount of Creatine before and after the workout sessions will ensure that the energy levels are high during the work out sessions, and the body is supplied with ample energy to recover after the workout sessions fast and without fatigue. Thus making it an excellent pre and post-workout dietary essential. 

A Creatine supplement with Hydrochloride can be a wise choice. Hydrochloride being the most abundant chemical found in the stomach, will ensure that the Creatine is easily absorbed by the body and is ready for synthesis.

ALPHA- MONO Creatine

A session of rigorous weight training demands a tremendous amount of energy from the body. The body generates this energy through the synthesis of the Adenosine Triphosphate molecules or ATP molecules that are considered to be the most basic energy source. They are called energy currency of the body. The more the production of ATPs, the higher the energy levels. However, once produced, the body cannot retain the ATP molecules for long. The body, at a time, can only keep ATP molecules enough to fuel 8-10 seconds of rigorous weight training. Thus, the body needs a constant supply of a protein source that can be easily digested and synthesized to ensure high energy levels in the body. Creatine is the amino acid produced during Protein synthesis that facilitates the production of ATP molecules. The creation of ATP molecules from Creatine facilitated by the presence of water in the body that ensures that it easily absorbed by the cells. The amount of Creatine created and stored in the body as Phosphocreatine is not sufficient for generating the amount of energy required for a severe resistance training session. Therefore, the supply of Creatine through dietary intake becomes essential for anyone who is into progressive strict weight training to gain muscle mass.

A Creatine supplement that is easily soluble and can be easily retained in the powerhouse of the cell can make an excellent pre-workout and post-workout dietary supplement.



Glutamine in produced in the muscles and is distributed by the blood to the organs that need it. Helps with gut function, the Immune System, and other essential processes in the body, especially in times of stress. The body builds, restores, and recovers throughout the day. The process of metabolism
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