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The importance of nutrition in health:

by ryan contegiacomo 25 Mar 2021 0 Comments

Correct eating habits are essential within the pillars of good health and general well-being. Knowing this is of vital importance throughout the year. But, it should be noted on the occasion of World Health Day (April 7), in which we must emphasize the importance of core Nutritionals to lead a healthy life. 

And this is reflected by the World Health Organization (WHO) with claims that extend to various stages of life, such as that malnutrition during pregnancy affects the fetus and contributes to pregnancy with complications, or that nutrition is essential for avoid anaemia in adolescents. Even so, as indicated by the organization, the lack of vitamins and minerals, a consequence of an incorrect diet, is still prevalent throughout the world.

Certain tricks to eat correctly:

To be able to face these deficiencies and eat correctly, certain tricks can be carried out that contribute to having a completely healthy shopping basket. One of these main resources is the purchase of fresh and seasonal food, which is always more nutritious. 

Pre-cooked food contains more fats and other substances that are harmful to health, as well as more calories, which lead to overweight and obesity. To do this, it is interesting to plan meals and dinners each week, and, thus, take advantage of the products we have in the pantry and not buy more than necessary.

Specifically, the ideal is the commitment to the Mediterranean diet. In this type of diet, fruits and vegetables must constitute the most important part of the meal and must be present five times a day. 

Include nutrition and supplements in your daily diet:

You should also include legumes, which are a great source of energy, fiber, nutrabio classic whey protein, vitamins, and minerals. On the other hand, it is necessary to emphasize the need to consume more fish than meat, since it contains healthier fats and provides, in the case of oily fish, antioxidants such as selenium. 

Also, try to cook with healthy techniques (oven, grill, steam, etc.), which avoid the use of too much oil, so that the dishes will be less caloric and more nutritious. 

Despite this, it should be taken into account that the moderate consumption of extra virgin olive oil constitutes one of the standards of the Mediterranean diet and health care. Thanks to its content in healthy fatty acids, this type of oil has been shown to reduce cardiovascular risk compared to other balanced diets, but poor in all types of fats.

Another of the main factors that help in our health is hydration. Normally it is not given the importance it has and it is difficult for us to ingest the recommended daily number of fluids. 

Even though certain diseases or medications can alter our body fluids, in most situations we can rebalance our hydration with a sufficient intake of water (2 liters for women, 2.5 liters for men) and adequate consumption of sodium and potassium. 

In short, by acquiring healthy lifestyle habits and doing physical exercise regularly, even if it is only walking about 60 minutes a day (on the way to work, when shopping, etc.), we will be able to significantly improve our health and ensure adequate quality of life in the future.

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