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How Does The Creatine Loading Phase Help To Get Faster Results?

by Akshay Kothari 20 Oct 2021 0 Comments

Keep on reading if you are new to creatine or have questions about creatine loading. The first step in utilizing this potent strength and power-boosting substance is to stock up on creatine. It is critical to realize that the creatine loading phase is the first process of loading creatine into your muscles before the product's regular, continuous supplementation.

What Exactly is Creatine Loading?

Creatine loading is consuming more creatine than the maintenance dosage (3g) for many days in order to maximize your creatine storage as rapidly as feasible.

2 When compared to a standard maintenance dosage, this leads to faster training gains and enhanced performance.

The procedure allows you to fast deplete your body's creatine storage. Creatine storage varies between 60 and 80 percent full in those who follow a conventional meat and fish diet.

For 5-7 days, a common loading approach would be to ingest 20g creatine per day (5g x4).

This will be enough to guarantee that your muscle creatine reserves are fully saturated and that you are ready to begin increasing your training gains.

The next essay will go over the benefits of a loading phase and how creatine supplementation may help your body and performance levels.

Types of Creatine Supplements

There are several forms of creatine available on the market. Among them are the following:

  • Monohydrate Creatine
  • Micronized creatine
  • Creatine kre-alkalyn
  • Creatine ethyl-ester

While each provides somewhat different advantages, Nutracore Supplement’s creatine monohydrate has received the most attention.

There is no evidence that any other form of creatine is more effective, and because it is the cheapest type, it may be the best choice for most people.

Creatine is available in powder or tablet form. When it comes to efficacy, neither makes a difference, thus this is a matter of personal preference. A powder may be added into a pre-workout smoothie, whilst tablets are convenient for on-the-go consumption.

The Pros of Creatine Loading 

  • Instant Results

  • With a creatine loading phase, you'll be able to start adding more quality work to your workouts in as little as a week. This is significant since working out in the gym is what converts creatine supplementation into improved muscle growth, strength, and power.

    Research that evaluated the effect of creatine loading on bench press performance found that after 7 days of loading, there was a considerable increase. Those who supplemented with it were able to complete more repetitions throughout each of the five sets.

  • Improved pumping

  • In addition to all of the more reps and heavier sets, having full creatine storage will help you perform better since creatine has osmotic effects.

    This indicates that it will suck water into the muscle cell, causing it to expand. This will result in a greater pump and fuller-looking muscles. This swelling impact may have further advantages. It's also possible that this will start muscle protein synthesis, which is the mechanism through which your body grows muscle.

  • Sustainable

  • Following a loading phase, lowering to a maintenance dosage can help you maintain your muscle growth and strength improvements. Because your body consumes 1-2 percent of your creatine reserves on a daily basis, a daily maintenance dose of 3g-5g will be sufficient to keep your stores full and your performance in the gym high.

    Should I start loading?

    This is entirely up to you and should be based on your objectives. Loading allows you to receive the advantages of creatine much faster. If you're a weightlifter, you should think about using a loading phase to notice faster gains in physical strength, power, and size. However, whether an initial loading phase is completed or not, there is no difference in intramuscular creatine reserves after one month. Unless you have an imminent competition, I would advise you to take things slowly.

    Avoiding a loading period may assist weight-class athletes to avoid a big and unfavorable shift in body weight as a result of water retention from utilizing a greater dose of creatine. (On the other hand, some people may gain a psychological lift from this early rise in body weight, even though it's all water because they feel "larger.") Furthermore, some people report GI discomfort during the loading period, which is most likely related to an increase in water intake and retention, both of which may be prevented by keeping to a moderate dosage.

    After the Creatine Loading Phase

    It is presumed that your muscles have achieved a saturation point after the loading phase. The following step is the maintenance phase.

    According to ISSN, most people can sustain creatine reserves by ingesting 3–5 grams per day. If you're a bigger athlete, you may need to consume up to 5–10 grams per day to keep your creatine levels stable.

    How long will it take for me to see the results?

    When your muscles are completely "laden" with creatine, research demonstrates boosts in strength performance of 10-20%. Creatine benefits include improved recovery, quicker sprint times, an increased anaerobic threshold, and increased muscle mass.

    The main advantage of the 7-day creatine loading phase is that it accelerates the rate at which you will experience benefits. Muscles must be saturated with creatine in order to experience increases, therefore a faster loading process gets you there faster.

    The Drawbacks and Risks of Creatine Loading

    Loading creatine necessitates greater dosages, which are more likely to induce mild gastrointestinal side effects including bloating or stomach distress.

    While the adverse effects of creatine loading might be unpleasant, they are most likely safe.

    However, if you experience any negative effects when loading creatine, you can stop loading and switch to 5 grams per day instead. Your muscles will be saturated with creatine within a month at most.

    Furthermore, not everyone gets negative side effects from creatine loading.

    Another minor disadvantage of creatine loading is the cost.

    A kilogram of creatine (a 7-month supply) costs less than a month's membership at most gyms, thus a loading phase will cost you less than $4.


    While it is possible to gradually increase your creatine stores over many weeks, a 5- to 7-day loading phase of 20 grams daily followed by lesser doses to maintain high levels is the safest and quickest strategy to increase your muscle stores and receive the advantages of creatine.

    Increased muscular growth and strength, enhanced performance, and a lower chance of sports-related injuries are among the benefits.

    In the end, creatine loading may not be essential, but it is convenient and safe.

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