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Falsehood about Creatine Monohydrate you Must Know.

by Akshay Kothari 17 Jun 2020 0 Comments

Body builders are always up with massive training sessions. Well, it’s not just about body builders: athletes, gym enthusiasts, sportsmen, and other people for that matter. People are now aware of the importance that fitness holds, so the advancement in technologies has increased likewise. Rather you consume natural proteins or protein supplements; there is always likelihood of risks as long as you are running with myths or taking it without prescriptions. Risks have to be dealt anyhow. Thus, taking this norm one step ahead; here Nutracore presents you all the myths or falsehoods of having Creatine monohydrate that you are living with or rather faced off. Let’s dig in then:

What is Creatine Monohydrate?

Creatine monohydrate is also known as Creatine monohydrate. In the body building community, it is a substance naturally found in muscle cells. Chemically it is quite similar to amino acids. Our body synthesis Creatine monohydrate monohydrate produces 3 amino acids: Glycine, arginine, and methionine. 

Well, let’s get onto the myths or falsehoods you have been living with. Let’s learn more:

Myths Regarding Creatine Monohydrate?

  • Creatine Monohydrate Upsets your Stomach: 

    Well, there is some truth associated to that, but it is not particularly related to Creatine monohydrate. In a health person, bad stomach issues are seldom. Studies have addressed that taking Creatine monohydrate as a supplement; only 5%-7% of people who are already up with gastric problems and complaints may experience diarrhoea and stomach pain as such. 

  • Creatine Monohydrate Causes Fat and Weight Gain: 

    This is another most ordinary myth amongst people. However, people who are daily consuming Creatine monohydrate as a supplement, experience some inclined percentage of weight gain in their body. But, it’s actually untrue, it is an abstract feeling. 

    Well, the matter of fact is that most of the individuals who are adding Creatine monohydrate also try to beef up the doze with added carbs in Creatine monohydrate; there is likelihood of increased caloric ingestion lead to glut. If you wish to try out pure Creatine monohydrate which is consists of “creapure” that is extraordinarily the purest Creatine monohydrate supplement one can have in life.

  • Creatine Monohydrate Spoils Healthy Kidneys: 

    There is no proven theory regarding Creatine monohydrate monohydrate’s side effect on the kidneys as such. It’s a hypothetical study which shows that when the byproduct of phosphocreatine and blood Creatine monohydrate goes up in the body, kidneys get spoilt. 

    However, research have shown that the regular dosage of 20 grams of Creatine monohydrate per week has left no prodigious impact on the body especially kidneys.

  • Creatine Monohydrate helps you Run Faster: 

    Another generalized myth! Creatine monohydrate helps athletes with faster twitch muscle fibre than that of athletes with slow twitch muscle fibre. If you find yourself a fortitude athlete; you need not to be on Creatine monohydrate. 

  • You should Take Excessive Creatine Monohydrate:

    It’s completely groundless to consume Creatine monohydrate in excessive amount despite of the fact out body passes out the wastage material every day.  We must not spend our money in the sake potent and rapid impact.

    Here are the myths you must take into the consideration before registering the invalid meaning about Creatine monohydrate in your mind. Remember, the more you read the more you shall make robust decision.

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