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Bee Pollen: A Source to Desirable Fat Loss

by Kunal Khatri 16 Jul 2020 0 Comments
People have been wanting to lose their body fat desperately. But the diet we have been following does not help beef up the process of fat loss or weight loss. The barriers you face in the process of weight loss is integrally because of your diet, your whole day regime, and your work out period. So, to help you get the rapid fat loss; bee pollen is the key source. This is supplement mainly works as a weight loss supplement. Let us help you understand in detail about Bee pollen

What is Bee Pollen?

Bee pollen is an orb of pollen made by bees when they land on a flower. It’s a mixture of pollen, saliva, and nectar. Bees carry these balls back to the save in sacs on their legs and hoard them. Nutracore offers bee pollen in its sheer natural form; learn about its nutritional values

  • 0.24 grams of fat
  • 1.2 grams of protein
  • 2.18 grams of carbohydratesi
  • 250 types of nutrients, including vitamins and flavonoids

To beef up the process of weight loss or fat loss, you can add these pollens to foods like yogurt, oatmeal, or smoothies. It can mince down into the supplement or a capsule as well to consume it.

Benefits of Raw Honey Ball Pollen:

  • Boosts Up liver Health

    The liver tends to filter toxins out of the body. According to the recent study, consumption of bee pollen affects the liver that way that it flushes out the toxic element from the body and eventually you lose extra fats in your body that were making you obese.

  • Beef Up the Immune System 

    A robust immune system is an utmost important factor for fighting off the disease and to make bring back your body shape. According to the studies, bee pollen naturally holds back allergic reactions to mice. One more study has shown that bee pollen has antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. These properties can help you get rid of bacteria and viruses such as staphylococcus aureus which is known for food poisoning.

  • Simplifying the Process of Menopause 

    Many women who consume antihormonal medications frequently experience symptoms of menopause. According to the current study, some women having breast cancer took a bee pollen supplement, faced fewer, less intense menopause symptoms than those who did not.

  • Help Reduce Stress
    Bee pollen supplement helps you increase blood flow to the body’s nervous system, it also helps you feel better; pollen level down the stress in the body.

  • Help you Heal Up the Heart Diseases
    Nowadays, people tend to take more stress than consuming food. The number of heart diseases is increasing day by day. Consumption of bee pollen can help you balance up the blood pressure and assures you the healthy heart.

  • Helps you Boost Up Metabolism
    According to research, iron-deficient rats gained 66% more iron when they were fed bee pollen supplements.  Iron is the key source of metabolism, and bee pollen is stuffed with adequate iron in it along with other essential elements.

  • The Recommended Dosage of Bee Pollen

    Adult- 20-40 Grams Per day
    Child- 15 grams or 1 Tablespoon Per day

    So, that’s all about Bee pollen. Original offers an absolutely natural range of bee pollen, hand on to that!


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