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Amino intake helps in muscle building and energy-boosting and contains ingredients that are provided and maintain the energy required during workout, recovery, and body metabolism. However, leaves little or no room for an essential element that is responsible for the proper functioning the vital organs of the body, a healthy nervous system, high blood component count, and improved brain functions. The essential amino components that are required by the body in small amounts are many. The dietary intake of Protein-rich food may not be providing the body with all the necessary essential and non-essential amino components it needs. Therefore, one needs to ensure the body is supplied with the required amounts daily during the workout. Amino helps in maintaining body immunity against common illnesses, reduce fatigue, muscle inflammation, and increase vascularity.

Your day with a daily dose of Amino can work wonders for your overall health, fat burning, and muscle building.


Beta-Alanine- is an essential non-essential amino acid that helps improves athletic performances; it does this by the production of Carnitine which is the principal substance the muscle needs to reduce the production of lactic acid during a strenuous workout

L-Carnitine Tartrate- helps the body to break down use long-chain fatty acid for energy during an exercise. And supply your body in cases of low Carnitine production

Agmatine Sulphate- helps in the production of nitric acid, which promotes blood flow to all areas of the body during rigorous exercise and training sessions.

Acetyl L-Carnitine HCl- very essential for heart, brain, muscle, and many other organs in your body function. It is also vital in energy production during training.

Caffeine Anhydrous- it helps you lose weight quickly and stays in your body long enough during exercise to increase your agility.

Alpha GPC- helps to reduce mental and physical stress during training by sending a substance known as choline to the brain and central nervous system. As a result, choline is present throughout exercise time; this helps in the production of extra growth hormone and increases endurance during workout.

GarciniaGambogia-  this substance kills the apatite of overweight people as well as block the creation of new fats from forming in the body. Besides, as a result, blood sugar and wrong cholesterol level is balanced.

Raspberry Ketone-  helps in the production of adiponectin which regulates the metabolism in the body and helps in the breaking down of fat present in the cell.

CLA- promotes fat burning and the creation of muscles during workout. Without leaving behind excess skin.

Mukuna- packed with antioxidant that arrests DPPH and protects the neurons and nerves and you work out. It is also known to increase libido and correct male infertility.

L-Dopa- boosts the production of dopamine that helps in the regulation of brain activities and control muscle spasms in rigorous work out sessions.

Bitter Orange Extract (Synephrine)- occurs naturally in citrus plants, it helps to suppress apatite and regulate weight loss' boost your athletic agility and increases muscles and mental performance.

Evodiamine- helps to reduce the uptake of fat in the body and block storage also.

Chromium Picolinate-  it helps in fast fat burning as well as breakdown cards. Reduces the accumulation of cholesterol and helps regulate blood sugar and promote a healthy heart.

Vanadyl sulfate – helps pre-diabetic and diabetic people during training to regulate blood sugar and maintain sugar levels in the body.


Q: Is it a pre-workout or a post-workout supplement?

A: It is a pre-workout supplement

Q: How to use it? 

A: A single scoop with 8-10 oz. of water is just right half an hour before.

Q. Can I have different flavors each day for a change?
A. Yes, every flavor contains the same ingredients and will do just fine.


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