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Steel Supplements: 17a-Andro

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Backed by Science to Help Optimize:


17a-ANDRO is a must-have in any stack for men seeking maximum gains in strength and size. 17a-ANDRO is designed to dramatically increase appetite, lower estrogen, suppress DHT conversion while repairing muscle, and aiding in the mobility of joints. Extreme muscle fullness and well-lubricated joints are vital for users seeking extreme gains by moving heavy amounts of weight. 17a-ANDRO is the core product in all STEEL ANDRO cycles.

All of our ANDROS incorporate LIPOSOMAL TECHNOLOGY to increase the bioavailability/potency of ingredients. Liposomal technology takes the active ingredients and encapsulates them in lipids (fats) to improve absorption and uptake into the body. This patented process enables 17a-ANDRO to bypass stomach acids and allows for maximum absorption into the cells. The big knock against most anabolic agents is that they aren’t highly bioavailable in the body, DHEA pre-cursors included.

Liposomal technology allows for maximum effects by the human body when administered orally. Liposomal technology is not cheap, nor is the equipment. This is why you’ll rarely see it coming from a company that sells anabolics. Most companies who sell these kinds of supplements are selling a product of extremely poor quality.

*Due to the sensitive and highly limited ingredients used in the STEEL products, for customer safety, we do not accept returns as returned items cannot be restocked. Please carefully consider this before your purchase.


17a-ol(1,4 OHP) 37.5mg
6-Keto-Progesterone 20mg
rhaponticum carthomoides 250mg


Q.: Suggested use - How do I take 17a

A.: Take 1 tablet when you wake up, repeat this 10 hours later. Do this every day for the entire cycle. Wait 30 minutes before eating after taking the Andro.

Q.: Can you stack all three of the new Andros?

A.: Yes! They make a perfect stack for cutting fat and drying out while also making lean strength gains.

Q.: How do I take multiple Andros at the same time?

A.: Easy, when you wake up take one tablet of each Andro, about 10 hours later repeat this. Do this everyday for the entire cycle.

Q.: Does 17a require liver support or on cycle therapy?

A.: Neither is required. Only thing required is Alpha, after completing a cycle.

Q.: How long can I cycle 17a?

A.: 4 to 8 weeks, upon completion start the Alpha.

Q.: What do I do if I forget to take a dose?

A.: Do not double up, just take 17A Andro when you can, and gradually get back to your initial regimen.

Q.: Can I drink alcohol on 17a?

A.: We do not advise drinking alcohol on Andros, mainly because when we consume alcohol we suppress testosterone and the conversion of the Andros into testosterone.

Q.: Can 17a be combined with other Steel products like Shredded?

A.: 17A Andro can be safely taken with ALL Steel products.

Q.: How long do I have to come off of 17a before getting back on Andros?

A.: Upon completion of Alpha as post cycle therapy you can go back on for another cycle.

Q.: Can women take 17a?

A.: No.

Q.: How old must I be to take 17a?

A.: You must be at least 18 years old. However, we do advise people under the age of 21 to stick to effective mass builders such as Pumped and ADABOLIC.

Q.: Does it matter if I take them with food?

A.: You should wait 30 minutes before eating, you have slightly better absorption of the Andros on a empty stomach, but they still are effective even when taken with a small meal.

Q.: What is good to stack with 17a?

A.: Most important is ADABOLIC, ADABOLIC has the necessary nutrients your body requires to put on the most mass in the shortest time possible. We also strongly recommend RESTED, RESTED increases the conversion rate of testosterone in the body and greatly boosts GH levels and recovery.

Q.: What are the side effects of 17a?

A.: The side effects range from person to person. Genetics, lifestyle, eating habits and other variables all contribute to the side effects or lack of side effects users experience. For most, Alpha is perfect for restoring the hormonal balance of the body and ensuring the user keeps the majority of their new muscle gains.

Q.: In short, what is the difference between all of the Andros?

-1-Andro is for lean gains
-3-Epi is for lean gains with an added boost to libido and fat burning due to better fat metabolization
-7,3 is for lean gains, with an added boost to fat burning due to estrogen suppression. It's also the Andro that will least affect your natural testosterone levels
-4-Andro is for more mass and strength-17A-Andro is for lean mass and strength with increased appetite, joint repair and slight estrogen conversion
-19 Nor is for more bulk and power