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Muscles building requires ample amounts of Protein stored in the body for protein synthesis. The process exults in the presence of water molecules. The synthesis of Protein produces the Amino Acids: the building blocks of muscles. These are 'essential' as the body cannot produce them and are supplied to the body through dietary intake. Essential Amino Acids, when available in ample amounts, ensure that the body is provided with all the components that build muscle tissues and gain muscle mass. The EAAs also ensure that the body recovers without fatigue. A rich protein source available through dietary intake might take ages for the body to break it down and produce the essential Amino Acids, critical for the growth of Muscles. It will deprive the shape of the required EAAs for building muscles during workout sessions.

The wisest choice would include an easily digestible protein source rich in EAAs before a weight training session to gain misc mass, shape, and volume.


Vitamin B4 (Pantothenic acid): Helps I secure digestion and breaking down Proteins for energy generation.

Sodium: It regulates blood pressure and volume, which is necessary for proper nerve and muscle function.

Potassium: It regulates the body fluids and is an electrolyte. It helps fight muscle inflammation and helps in faster recovery. It also helps in the natural digestion of dietary Protein.

L- Threonine: An essential Amino Acid that is vital for the functioning of the immune system, heart, and the central nervous system. It helps in protein synthesis, breaking down Glycine and Serine that develops muscle tissues and helps in gaining muscle mass and shape. It helps in fat burning by combining with Aspartic acid and Methionine. It also prevents the accumulation of fats in the liver.

Micronized L-LEUCINE: Triggers the mTOR, indicating the presence of excess protein in the body, which needs to be synthesized. It initiates protein synthesis.

Micronized L-ISOLEUCINE: Helps in the formation of hemoglobin, the vital component of blood. It also regulates the utilization of glucose by the body during physical activities, boosting energy levels, and causes rapid burning of body fat.

Micronized L-VALINE: Regulates the balance of Nitrogen in the body and also preserves the use of glucose, in addition to helping in muscle tissue building. It also reduces fatigue during workouts. 

Micronized L-Lysine: The essential Amino acid that absorbs and retains calcium in the body helps in the secretion of hormones and enzymes. It helps in producing antibodies. It also helps in muscle building and speedy recovery from injuries.

Micronized L-Phenylalanine: Is a stimulant of the central nervous system. It is responsible for improving mood, attention, and athleticism. The essential amino acid also stimulates catecholamine, which controls lipolysis or breaks down of fat molecules, thus helping in fat burning.

Micronized L- Histidine: Ensures the transmission of nervous impulses from various parts of the body to the brain maintains a healthy pH level in the body and healthy hemoglobin count in the blood. It is also an antioxidant and is vital for healthy kidneys.

Micronized L- Tryptophan: Helps in the secretion of Serotonin that elevates mood, fights fatigue. It maintains the nitrogen levels in the body and produces HGH. It is responsible for nerve impulse transmissions.

L-Tyrosine: It is essential in the production of Dopamine, Epinephrine, and Norepinephrine in the nervous system and lower part of the brain. Effects lipolysis and thermogenesis. It also increases levels of cognitive performance by decreasing stress and fatigue.

L-Taurine: The Amino Acid helps in reducing muscle combustion, regulates muscle contraction, and is beneficial for the heart and fat burning.

L-Glutamine Helps in recovery without muscle break, maintains the nitrogen levels in the muscles. 

Sodium Chloride: Absorba and transports nutrients, maintains blood pressure, creates the right balance of fluid, transmits nerve signals, and helps in contractions and relaxations of muscles.

Potassium Chloride: Regulates blood pressure, good for kidney and heart.

Dopamine Hydrochloride: increasing the blood pressure and helps in reduction of perfusion of body organs.

Choline Malate: Responsible for the healthy functioning of the body and the brain. It transmits nerve impulses across neurons, thus providing more focus, mental energy, and alertness. It also reduces inflammation and regulates breathing.

Coconut Water Powder: It helps to keep the body hydrated. It is an electrolyte and helps in better digestion, blood sugar stability, and is suitable for the heart.




Q: Is it a Pre-workout diet?

A: It is a pre as well as Post workout diet.

Q: Is it a weight gainer?

A: It supplies the essential Amino Acids for building muscles and does not have any Carb content.

Q: Can it be stacked?

A: Yes, it can be stacked with other pre-workout energy supplements.




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