What is the optimum quantity of S-23 required?


S-23 s known as investigational selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) produced by GTX.Inc as male hormone contraceptive by suppressing the production of testosterone. S23 is the most potent SARM and they function by targeting special area of androgen, bones and joint. S-23 lack any clinical research on animals so far. No related research paper has been published yet. However according to existing data, some of its known benefits are listed below:

Promising benefits of S-23:

  • S23 work by targeting muscle growth and bone health. Some studies conducted on animals reveal that It also shrink the size of prostate because an enlarge prostate can lead to decrease the ability of bladder to excrete all the urine thereby associated with the risk of prostate cancer.
  • It is becoming increasingly popular in body building community to increase the muscle mass and reduce the body weight with minimal side-effects.
  • A study conducted on rats shows that S2 leads to 100% infertility in rats. It is also found effective in male birth control. This infertility is temporary and completely reversible when you stop using the drug.
  • Hormones i.e. testosterone and androgen are effective in maintaining the health and calcium level of bones. After postmenopausal, the secretion of these hormones diminished by significant level and lead to a bone disease known as Osteoporosis. Mineralization of bones is very essential to keep them strong and healthy. S-23 is effective in preventing muscle loss, increase bone density and speeds up bone turnover. Osteoclasts is a bone disease which release all the minerals from bone and secrete calcium of bone into blood stream thereby weakens one’s bone.S23 is found successful in reducing the risk of all the possible bone diseases and thanks to its dual effect on human body i.e. activate bone cell building and enhance muscle strength irrespective of the fact that patient is consuming it inn low or high dose.
  • Menopause reduced the secretion of female sex hormones which reduces sexual motivation or arousal. A severe lack of sexual hormone is known as hypoactive sexual desire which is usually treated with testosterone. However, testosterone increases the risk of heart diseases i.e. vain and arteries blockage, inflammation of blood vessel and heart attack but S23 is found more promising in curing HSD with no side effects at all. It increase the sex desire while maintaining the size of uterus and lining of uterine. 

Required dose of S-23 

Studies conducted on animals shows that a dose ranges from 0.01 mg/day -3 mg/day is effective for rats and should not be exceed from this amount. Required amount for human have not extrapolated yet. Body builders use it twice a day with quantity ranges between 10-30 mg/day. Consumer who buy SARMS online are at a risk of not getting original medicine or drug with harmful compound. Most of the body builders consume it ranging between 20-30 mg and report its significant effect within 4 weak. And help to gain muscle mass without putting on additional amount of fats in the body.

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