What is CBD for pets? And what does it do?


CBD or cannabinoid is a compound found in cannabis plant often associated as marijuana. CBD is among 113 cannabinoid found in plants. Many of them found useful for health not only for humans but also for pet animals. CBD is a natural product with non-toxic ingredients, a beneficial product for your pets to live the same healthy life just like you. It helps to give your furry pets a healthy and good life style. CBD consist of three types of variety so that you can choose the right fit for your pet. Pet animals also have endo-cannabinoid system which enables the action of CBD. If you have any dog or cat as pet then you need to buy CBD tincture. CBD tincture is extracted from CO2 and this process is carried out safely to avoid harsh solvents and other toxic material. The resulting procedure reduces the amount of THC to less that 0.3% so you can use CBD for your pets safely without getting worry about harmful and toxic effects. Our CBD oil for pets also contains high quality ingredients just like our CBD products for humans.

CBD oil has ability to regulate cannabinoid system which regulates several functions of the body. The cannabinoid system is present in every mammal. The CBD has similar effects on animals as that of humans i.e. sleep, memory and immunity etc. CBD consist of two types of receptors i.e. CB1 and CB2. These receptors target endo-cannabinoid system. Most of the people care and love their pets as they are their own babies and try to give them the best possible environment. CBD improves the quality of pet’s life. CBD is made up of simple and natural ingredients which make feel people comfortable while giving it to their pets. CBD is served to pets along with their food from thousands of years and farmer serve hemp products even today. Different variety of CBD oil available for animals of different sizes activates cannabinoid system in the same way it activates in human. If you enjoy the effects of CBD on you, consider your pets would too. Its users all around the world have found it an exciting and convenient way to treat their four legged pets.

Why you should prefer CBD for your pets?

  • CBD is used as pain killer medicine in pet animals. CBD stops the absorption of anandamide which stops the sensation of pain in body. 
  • CBD has also anti-inflammatory effects. It helps in reducing the inflammation caused by arthritis, MS, irritable bowel disease. Anti-inflammatory properties are due to its ability to link with immune system. CBD targets CB2 receptors present in immune system.
  • CBD is renowned to control seizure, tremors, tics and spasms. It is therefore known as anticonvulsant drug. The new of CBD anticonvulsant properties was first broke in 2013.
  • Animals also suffer from anxiety similar to those of humans. Some common forms of anxiety found in pet dogs are separation anxiety, noise anxiety, travel anxiety and some types of phobias. CBD helps in reducing the symptoms of anxiety in pet animals too.
  • Nausea and vomiting are serious conditions for both animals and humans. It often results in decreased appetite, weight loss, dehydration and fatigue etc. CBD is a very effect antiemetic medicine.
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