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Vegan Protein Powder

by BizTechSols Collaborator 03 Mar 2020 0 Comments

These days, there had been an increase in the consumption of plant-based diets. people stick to this type of diet for various reasons, such as health benefits, religion, taste preference or animal welfare. More people are getting interested in the use of plant products per day. This shift from animal products is easier due to the improvement in the nutritional value of plant-based products with the help of fortified foods or supplements. Sometimes, getting adequate protein and useful minerals and vitamins may be difficult for vegans. There is a need for appropriate planning of dirt that includes iron, calcium, protein, and vitamin B-12, in a sufficient amount. Protein powders come in varieties. Depending on the type of protein used to produce the supplement, some may be a complete protein, while others may be incomplete.

Why do Vegans need Protein?

As stated earlier, there is a high probability of vegans lacking the appropriate amount of protein needed for optimal growth. Protein powder is supplements that have been improvised to provider this lack of nutrient for vegans. Protein is important in the body, as, it makes up about 17% of body weight. Moreover, it is a major component of the internal organs (brain and heart), skin, muscles, eyes, nails, and hair. The immune system also needs protein to produce antibodies that fight against infections. Protein also plays a major role in fat metabolism, blood sugar regulation, and energy function.

Consumers get the right proportion of protein when their diets are from various plant sources by combining different grains such as rice and beans, vegetables, or tofu with broccoli. Vegans should note that having varieties is an important factor to consider when choosing a menu. There are a lot of artificially processes products in the market that appear to supply the deficiencies in vegan diets. However, many of these lack of major health benefits.

Our Vegan Protein Powder Ingredients

Consumers should be health-conscious, such that, before picking up a protein remedy from supermarket stores, ensure that the ingredients are natural substances. It will also help to detect if there is an additional flavor or sweetener.

Here is a list of some of our ingredients that make up our Vegan Protein Supplement;

  • Quinoa Protein - Quinoa is a seed that contains all the 22 amino acids, I.e. they are a complete protein. They come in various colors, such as, red, white and black. They are a great alternative to carbohydrates, such as couscous and rice. They also help to regulate the cholesterol level of vegans.
  • Pea Protein - Peas are edible seeds that grow in a pod. They are a low-fat and great source of protein. Pea protein is a rich source of essential amino acid. They are also easily digestible and affordable.
  • Chia seeds - They are a popular protein source. They are also a good alternative for an egg, as they expand when soaked in water.

Our Protein powder is easily consumed, as it requires no method of preparation. Moreover, some ingredients of protein powder, such as Soy protein, after taste is not widely accepted by many vegans. In lieu of this, we have come up with some varies and improvements in vegan protein powder. You can either go for the vanilla or chocolate flavor to reduce the unfavorable taste you may probably get.

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