The Best Way to Treat Chronic Conditions with CBD Intensive Relief Rub


According to ‘The American Institute of Stress’ - 46% is accounted for as the main cause of workload stress. May it be construction, corporate, or sports - every industry demands performance from the individuals. This has progressively increased over the last few decades. Irrespective, whether you are critically involved in a labor-intensive work or having a 9 to 5 sitting job, many of us are now a victim of chronic conditions. However, one can deal with the help of CBD Intensive Relief Rub from ‘Just Green.

What is CBD Intensive Relief Rub?

 For all those who are experiencing muscle pain, ache, and tension, CBD pain relief rub act instantly and effectively for fast relief. Moreover, the CBD rubbing oil comes with 10% EMU oil makes it a distinctive way to heal muscle pain. Ideally, you can apply or rub it on the affected areas to get the healthiest outcome. The hemp intensive formula makes it the top-notch CBD pain relief rub.

Starting from athletes to skilled and semi-skilled laborers, all have experienced outstanding results in relieving muscle tenderness. Additionally, Just Green’s intensive rub can be categorized as CBD for life rub as it consists of only natural ingredients. Click here to have a quick look at all the ingredients. It also comes in an attractive package so that you can keep it handy to use it anytime you feel extreme muscle pain. Let’s have a look at the salient features of CBD rubbing oil.


  • EMU oil, Hemp oil for effective relief
  • Deep penetration to tough aches & sores
  • Natural properties
  • Excellent topical relief
  • Ready-to-use & handy packaging
  • Perfect for chronic conditions
  • Quick-relief
  • Available in 150 mg or 500 mg of CBD

 Just Green is offering free shipping on all the products with an additional 20% off on the CBD rub for pain. All the orders are effectively delivered within 2 to 7 days. The CBD Intensive Relief Rub is available in attractive packaging of 150 or 500 mg of CBD. Just Green’s CBD products are verified by third-party laboratories to check any traces of toxins and impurities which could otherwise compromise the product’s effect. 

Quickly order now to earn rewards and get instant 20% off on the base price of $64.99. CBD pain relief rub is a true value for your money as it comes with a 100% no-risk money-back guarantee. You are sure to receive orders within 2 to 7 days with free shipping on all purchases. Please visit the FAQs section for more info on Just Green all range of products.

 As always, we urge and welcome all the feedback and reviews to ensure guaranteed satisfaction with regards to the products and services. Do not miss your chance to order CBD Intensive Relief Rub with 10% EMU oil in attractive packaging of 60ml.

Rest assured, our CBD for life rub oil is free of any psychoactive element and can be treated for chronic conditions.

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