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Scientifically proven nutrients that help you lose weight

by ryan contegiacomo 25 Mar 2021 0 Comments

If you are looking to lose a few extra kilos by taking care of your diet and training regularly, we recommend taking into account the scientifically proven nutrients and weight loss capsules that help you lose weight if they are not lacking in your body and are ingested regularly.

Scientific evidence indicates that some nutrients ingested in sufficient amounts regularly are positively related to weight loss. Therefore, we show you what these nutrients are and the reasons why they help you lose weight with health.

- Proteins: Best plant protein helps to lose weight because they promote satiety, thermogenesis, and the maintenance of lean mass in our body. All of the above contributes to maintaining an active metabolism to lose weight over time.

- Omega 3: It has been proven in a study published in Appetite that this type of unsaturated fatty acids favors the feeling of satiety. And also, replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats is associated with a slight reduction in fat and body weight, as we already mentioned when we talk about the fats in the diet to lose weight.

- Calcium: In a study published in 2004, higher calcium intake has been linked to greater fat loss when looking to lose weight, but also, it is believed that calcium prevents the accumulation of lipids and favors the feeling of satiety, as already we explained earlier.

- Vitamin C: A few days ago, we cited some studies that show that this vitamin helps to burn fat effectively, perhaps because it is necessary for the formation of carnitine, an essential substance for lipids to oxidize in our body.

- Vitamin D: It has been proven that the lower the levels of vitamin D, the higher the percentages of body fat, and that this vitamin, together with calcium, helps to better control food intake, which of course, makes our task of caring for what we eat to lose weight.

These are the nutritional supplements for weight loss that so far, we can confirm, are associated with greater weight loss and help us lose weight for different reasons.

Of course, they do not have miraculous effects and their sole intake cannot cause a change in our weight. But as we always say, these nutrients are part of a set of habits that will lead us to lose weight. And therefore, in addition to including these nutrients in the diet, we must watch the calories, reduce stress, and exercise regularly.

Either because they satisfy, because they facilitate the burning of fat or because they help our body burn more calories. These are the scientifically proven nutrients that help you lose weight and that therefore, should not be missing in your diet if you want to take care of the line and health.

Thus, many diets promise weight loss, but you should choose the one that prevents heart. If you are looking for the best natural weight loss supplements for women and men, we recommend visiting Nutra Core Supplements ( for the best and high-quality natural weight loss products.

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