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Reasons Why Everyone Should Take Nutritional Supplements

by Akshay Kothari 11 Jul 2022 0 Comments
Despite the fact that the country is experiencing health crises including
increased rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes, there seems to be more
contradicting nutritional advice than ever. Do you want to try the keto diet?
What about going vegan? Do you need to take supplements?
Since pharmaceutical corporations discovered they could bottle nutrients
and sell them, there has been a controversy about whether supplements are
better than food. It was an effective move with an industry value of about
$122 billion.But it's not as straightforward as a chance to gain money. Doctors and other medical professionals frequently recommend supplements for a range of
conditions. So, do you need them in your life? Or perhaps you should
concentrate on what you eat?

You would get a lot of rest, drink plenty of water, and eat all your fruits and
veggies in an ideal world. Why then does my body require supplements? I
must be getting all the vitamins and nutrients I require. Wrong.
No matter how healthy your lifestyle may be, you still need to take dietary
supplements, as demonstrated by these 7 compelling reasons.

1) Filling That Nutritional Gap
90% of people don't consume enough of the most crucial nutrients from diet
alone. Most of us fall short of dietary guidelines because of restrictive diets,
lack of appetite, or shifting nutritional requirements.
In order to keep the right ratio of nutrients from meals and supplements,
supplements are meant to fill this nutritional gap. By doing this, you may
increase the nutritional density of your food and ensure that you are getting
the proper quantity of nutrients based on your dietary requirements.

Suggestions for Supplements: The abundance of essential nutrients in
multivitamins allows them to cover all the bases and promote general

2) Nutrient Absorption Declines With Age
Malabsorption becomes an issue as you get older because your body is less
able to digest and absorb nutrients than it once was.
Additionally, you might be using more prescription drugs now than you did
in your youth. In reality, the majority of contemporary drugs deplete vital
nutrients. The imbalance can be corrected with the aid of supplements.
Suggestions for Supplements: When taken with meals, Digestive Enzymes
aid in the breakdown of proteins, lipids, and carbs to maximize nutritional

3) Avoid Harmful Chemicals
Warning! Our need for additional vitamins and minerals might significantly
grow as a result of the use of pesticides and herbicides in food production,
chemicals found in our water supply, and external environmental problems
like pollution. Free radicals produced by these substances damage our
immunological and digestive systems.
Suggestions for Supplements: Antioxidants work to combat toxic free
radicals and defend our bodies from these harmful pollutants.

4) Exercise Increases Nutrient Needs
Do you participate in sports or work out frequently? To keep in condition,
athletes need a lot of energy and nutrition. Your body expends the nutrients
and energy that have been accumulated while you exercise.
Following a strenuous workout, it's critical to restore these crucial nutrients,
boost your energy, and encourage recuperation. Because of this, athletes'
diets contain a ton of carbohydrates and protein.

Suggestions for Supplements: Instead of consuming a large bowl of pasta
and chicken, protein powder is a quick and convenient approach to obtain
the necessary calories.

5) Poor Eating Habits
Poor digestion is a result of inconsistent eating patterns, eating processed
junk food, and stress. Our bodies find it challenging to obtain all the
nutrients they require from food as a result.
Supplements cannot make up for a poor diet, but they can assist stop the
harm that bad eating habits are doing.

6) Prevent Expensive Health Issues
Healthcare professionals advise patients to focus on disease prevention
rather than disease treatment. The Not So Fun Fact: The annual medical
costs for individuals who are obese were $1,429 greater than people with
normal weight.
To prevent expensive health issues from occurring, it is vital to take daily
supplements, engage in regular exercise, and visit the doctor frequently.

7) Soil Depletion
Fertilizers are used in modern farming methods, depleting the soil and
depriving the plants of vital nutrients. A vital component of agriculture is
fertile soil, which helps crops absorb the right amounts of minerals. The
plant cannot produce vital vitamins without this.
Despite their small size, vitamins and minerals are crucial for our systems to
function properly. These and other nutrients help our bodies do everything
from make red blood cells to maintain healthy eyes.
Different vitamin and mineral deficiencies can potentially have detrimental,
severe impacts. Iron insufficiency may be the most well-known deficit. This
results in a number of symptoms, including weariness and palpitations.

Surely, we need vitamin supplements with 10 million Americans suffering
from iron deficiency and a growing number at danger of multiple
Recent research, however, demonstrates that getting the correct amount of
nutrients does not need popping a pill. Health benefits from adequate
nutrient consumption were only observed when the nutrients were eaten in
food rather than supplements.

When you eat, your digestive system and enzymes work to divide up the
various nutrients for various functions. Your body absorbs what it requires
and often excretes the remainder as waste. This means that consuming
more vitamins and minerals than you need won't do you any good because
your body will get rid of the extra.
Some nutrients complement one another. For instance, vitamin D increases
the body's capacity to absorb calcium. You can absorb extra calcium by
eating an orange, which also includes vitamin D and calcium. One calcium
supplement wouldn't be enough to give it that support.
In many cases, it is simpler to absorb vitamins and minerals from food
sources than from supplements. Eating healthily provides much higher
benefits than choosing supplements and eating poorly because it also
benefits from the other nutrients available in food.
The typical American diet now contains a lot of highly processed, nutrient-
poor foods. We eat more than ever, but we are less healthy and have more
deficits as a result. Getting all of your nutrients from food is simple if you
focus on eating a balanced diet of whole foods.
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