NOVA YK11 Capsules: Uses and Advantages


YK11 is the most strong and potent compound available on the market. Yuichiro or Yucomuporis is the common name for this SARM. YK11 is classified as a SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Module Simulator) and perhaps a Steroid. With YK11, you can get the most valuable benefit, which is that this SARM suppresses myostatin levels while increasing follistatin levels, allowing you to develop muscle more effectively.

Based on the scores, YK-11 seems to be a super-SARM, but it is not. YK-11 is a modern synthetic steroid based on 5-a-dhydrotestosterone (DHT), a powerful source of testosterone that activates androgen receptors there in the prostate, groyne, blood, and liver. Because of its promise and ability to quickly develop muscle mass with limited side effects, YK-11 has sparked a lot of interest in the bodybuilding community. Vitamin and supplement shop Manalapan provides Nova YK11 capsules for bodybuilders and fitness lovers.

Advantages of Nova YK 11 Capsules

  • Enhances muscle building with lesser side effects compared to prohormones.
  • No estrogenic side effects.
  • Enhances Overall muscle strength by inhibiting myostatin.
  • No hepatotoxicity, so it's okay to stack with some other SARM or prohormone.
  • Better recovery.
  • Quicker muscle growth than any other normal test booster.

Myostatin is inhibited by YK-11, according to research. It stimulates muscle cells to develop more folbstabn, a potent myostatm inhibitor. Myostahn which is also known as growth factor 8 is a protein made by muscle cells that inhibits the myogenesis of muscle cells. Itigrificardy increases muscle mass as myostatin is blocked, according to research. 

Yuichiro Kanno, a Japanese researcher at Toho University, discovered in 2011 that YK-11 binds to the androgen receptor and allows muscle cells to develop more anabolic factors. He also discovered that YK-11 stimulates muscle cells to develop more tollistatin, which lowers myostatin levels and promotes muscle development.

YK-11 stimulates muscle cells to develop more tollistatin, which decreases myostatin while also increasing muscle development. In much the same way as LGD-4033 as well as MM 2866 selectively react to androgen receptors, YK-11 does as well.

As a result, YK-11 holds promise as a treatment for muscular chronic diseases and as a way of encouraging massive muscle formation. YK-11 links to androgen receptors in muscles and bones, much as MK 2866 or LGE1-4033, and also has a poor anabolic to androgen receptor proportion of even more than 251.

YK-11 has anabolic properties and is very weakly androgenic, with minimal harmful effects on the prostate and other tissues. The hypothalamic pituitary testicular axis (HPTA) tends to be weakly suppressed by YK-11, but even less than perhaps anabolic steroids or prohormones. 

 You can have Nova YK 11 capsules from vitamin and supplement shop Manalapan. Users of  Nova YK-11 have recorded no increases in oestrogen and a decrease in sex hormone-binding globulin that may result in an increment of free testosterone, but not to total testosterone.

Nova YK11 capsules is known to help with bellowing because it quickly builds up a large amount of dry muscle. Others have used YK11 in cutting cycles to take advantage of its ability to burn fat and harden muscle.

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