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Myths you must know about Multi Vitamins

by Akshay Kothari 09 Jun 2020 0 Comments
As the medical science is evolving along with all the other sectors, it is providing insights regarding proteins, minerals, and other nutrients. However, there are a lot of people who are surrounded by hypothetical information; in other words, myths. It is the human psychology that people tend to take such things for real, when they get to heard it several times. But, as long as we are not deep-rooted about the particular thing, how are we supposed to take it seriously. Same happens in medical science. Let us take you through the journey of all the apparent information which is not yet proven. You necessarily need to get the insights of the myths about multi vitamins.

          5 Myths about Multi Vitamins:

  • A healthy diet helps you get all the essential nutrients: A perfect diet can only provide you the sufficient nutrients when put into the words. It’s existence is hard to believe in the world where everything we eat is artificial. In fact, US government survey shows that deficiency is much more common among the people who do not consume supplements. A study of more than 10,000 American adults published in The Journal of family practice, compared shortfalls among the folks who took a multivitamin those days.Vitamin D is essential for bone health.Vitamin E protects against DNA damage Vitamin K, C, and A are essential for a healthy vision, immunity, and heart health.

  • You only need to take multi vitamin when your energy sags:

    Research has shown that having a multi vitamin daily does not lead to any side effects. On the contrary, it is beneficial. However, supplements are not likely to be consumed without having a proper prescription or unless you are up with any training. But, there’s nothing to do with a multi vitamin consumption, it’s clearly not a heavy dose neither harmful. But, all we can recommend is to have a word with your doctor before consuming it.

  • If you miss a doze, you need to double it next day:The human body does not store vitamin B, vitamin C, and zinc like carbohydrates. Yet, it needs multi vitamin every day. But, when a doubled doze is consumed, the excess will be excreted, so it does not makes sense to double the doze. Other minerals and vitamins can be absorbed. But it’s viable if you take it daily otherwise its only your loss.

  • It doesn’t leave any impact if you take multi vitamin with food or without food:Nutrients are water soluble, such as vitamin B and vitamin C, are likely to be absorbed without having a meal. But, fat-soluble ones, such as vitamin A,D,E, and K need to be consumed with some fulfilling meal to be able to absorb or digest it properly. Since, multi vitamins contain both types; make sure to have it with a full stomach. Moreover, when taken medicine or supplements on an empty stomach, supplements can produce digestive discomfort. 

  • If you take multi vitamins every day, you can eat anything:

    Supplements are meant to help us get more out of what we are eating. That doesn’t mean, you can have anything and everything considering the fact that supplements got your back. If your diet consists of junk food, supplements can help, but the results then won’t seem to be welcoming. So, you yourself need to be persuasive enough to stick onto the healthy diet.

    You must not surround yourself with such myths. No matter how effectual the information is, you must consider it hypothetical unless there is no proven thesis regarding the matter. Consider having a good research about the notion before acknowledging it. Remember, your safety is in your hands.



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