Lean Muscle and Body Fat With S-23


GTx was the company that produced the S-23. S-23 is an orally active non - steroidal SARM with a high binding affinity for androgen receptors, according to research. As a result, it is one of the most strong SARMs. The major results of S-23, according to research, are increased muscle density, reduced fat mass, and a reduction in prostate capacity.

In the bodybuilding world, S23 has become increasingly popular. Which is said to be effective in raising muscle mass and fat loss while having few side effects. S23, on the other hand, will deplete testosterone levels, necessitating the use of non approved post-cycle therapy (PCT).

S23 is a potent androgen receptor modulator, a novel class of drugs (SARM). SARMs work by binding to hormone receptors in various areas of the body to imitate testosterone. S23 is a SARM that works like testosterone as well as other SARMs which is made to target muscle and bone tissues in order to stimulate muscle development and bone health. S23 was seen to shrink the prostate in animal experiments, according to several blogs.

S23 has been studied to see how it will help women become more sexually motivated. Preventing muscle weakness and increasing bone density are two other possible applications. It's worth noting that S23 hasn't been tested on humans and isn't recommended for use in humans. 

Note: The World Anti-Doping Agency currently prohibits all SARMs from being used in professional sports.

Advantages of S23:

  • Lean muscle mass is increased.
  • Helps in reduces body mass.
  • A possible male birth control. 
  • May enhance sexual desire in women.

It has a high binding affinity, is suppressive, and is a very potent muscle builder with a high tissue selectivity as compared to anabolic androgenic steroids. S23 binds to the androgen receptor with a high affinity, resulting in tissue-specific anabolic effects in muscle and bone, with fewer activation of the prostate, seminal vesicles, and certain other androgen-affected tissues.

S23 was formed by converting the para-nitro group of an older and less effective SARM called C-6 to a cyano group in the structure of C-6. C-6 is 76 percent orally bioavailable, according to pharmacokinetic reports, and S23 can reach 96 percent oral bioavailability by exchanging the para-nitro group for a cyano group. Since oral dosing, the closer a SARM is to 100 percent, the closer it is to maximum absorption.

The absence of aromatization into Estrogen is the most apparent disadvantage of long-term use of SARMs in a hormone replacement sense, or as male hormonal contraception in the case of S23.

S23 is no exception since it does not aromatize in the  Estrogen within the body, necessitating exogenous Estrogen administration to sustain natural sexual activity, as well as a variety of other physiological roles aided by stable endogenous Estrogen levels. You can own S23 36mg at vitamin and supplement shop USA.


Despite a lack of safety testing, SARMs are becoming more prominent in the bodybuilding culture. SARMs are very attractive beauty enhancers because they don't have the disadvantages of steroids. S23 is no exception and is widely regarded as one of the most powerful SARMs available.

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