Is there a link between S4 and Testosterone?



Selective Androgen Receptor Molecule (SARM) is an unpreceded discovery of the past decade. SARMS are a class of androgen receptor ligands that bonds with androgen receptor and display activation of tissue selective androgen signaling. The initial effort to develop steroidal SARMS is associated with the modification of testosterone molecule.

Importance of testosterone for human body:

Testosterone in human body is synthesize from cholesterol but it does not mean higher level of cholesterol means higher testosterone level. its quantity is carefully controlled by pituitary glands in brain. Testosterone help in maintaining mood. There are many other important functions associated with this hormone. Brain sent signals from brain to pituitary glands which is located at the base of brain to control the production of testosterone in testicles of male when its quantity increased then brain signals pituitary gland to reduce its production. The major sex hormone in male is testosterone. It has plethora of functions in male body i.e. development of testes, deepening of voice during puberty. Appearance of facial hair and pubic hair, it increases muscle size and promote its development, it strengthens bones and enhance bone density. Testosterone is not only important in male, but it plays a variety of crucial roles female body as well which involve ovarian function, bone strength and sexual behavior. A balance between quantities of testosterone and estrogen is necessary for varies to function normal

As a person age, the concentration of testosterone and other sexual hormone decrease in his body which causes loss of muscle mass, weakens bones and loss in bone density, decrease elasticity of joints. This is the reason why old people are prone to many bone diseases. The disease known as osteoporosis is a condition that weakens bone secrete mineral of the bone and calcium into blood stream thereby causing deformation of bones. Decreased amount of testosterone is associated with the increased risk of bone breaking.

The link between S4 and testosterone

SARMS and testosterone are infect linked to each other. This is because they impact the body almost in the same way

  • Testosterone and SARMS i.e. S4 both increase muscle mass and encourage its rapid development.
  • Testosterone and SARMS i.e. S4 and S27 improve strength of bone and increase bone density. As the age increases the quantity of testosterone decreases therefore body builders and athlete community use artificial supplements of SARMS to improve their muscle mass.
  • Some SARMS are suppressive. They tend to decrease the natural level of testosterone in male reproductive system, but this effect is less as compared to other performance enhancer drugs.
  • Due to its suppressive effect it is also used as male reproductive contraceptive to control birth, but this effect is temporary and completely reversible when a person quit its use.
  • Women experiencing menopause lacks sexual motivation or arousal particularly due to unbalance in the quantity of estrogen and testosterone. SARMS supplement i.e. S4 helps in maintaining this balance of sexual hormones in female body.

Since it is a substitute to testosterone in performing many functions. So, SARMS i.e.S4 is effective for older people to regain their muscle mass and bone strength when the concentration of testosterone decreased in their body. 

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