Is S23 SARM as good as steroid?


S23 is the most potent SARM available in body builder’s community. S23 is selective androgen receptor molecule. It targets specific androgen receptors in muscle, tissues, bones and joints. It differs from steroid in the sense that steroids work by targeting each androgen receptor involving those that you don’t want to get affected i.e. organs and prostate while S23 only targets specific muscles, bones and tissues.

Why S23 is preferred over steroids?

  • S23 is used as male contraceptive because it reduces male sperm count. It happens because S23 suppresses follicle stimulating hormone and Luteinizing hormone, but its effect is completely reversible when a person stops using it.
  • S23 increases lean muscle mass and help in gain strength and growth of muscles.
  • It helps in strengthening bones and protect from various bone diseases. S23 is particularly beneficial for old age people owing to its bone strengthening effects and protect from various bones diseases which attack them at old age i.e. osteoporosis, rickets and osteocalcin etc. Osteoporosis is a bone disorder that weakens bones and secretes calcium and other important bones mineral into blood stream. S23 increases the mineralization of bones thereby improves their health and strength. It is also crucial for body builders since they put an extra strength on their bones.
  • S23 helps muscle to produce more muscle mass. Its effect is different from steroids because increase in muscle mass comes along with some fats or bloating because it increases the oestrogen level in blood stream. On the other hand, S23 helps in gaining muscle mass without any additional fats.
  • S23 gives body an additional structural support with stronger bones and healthy muscles.
  • Normal dietary plans cause muscle loss due to calorie deficit. S23 beneficial for obese people to lose weight and burn body fats while avoiding any muscle loss.
  • S23 also help in maintaining cholesterol level in blood stream. Higher cholesterol level is associated with many chronic diseases i.e. heart attack, blockage of blood vessels, higher blood pressure, stroke, high lipid level in blood stream. S23 helps in protecting from these diseases by lowering cholesterol level and improves the health of human heart.

S23 is more effective as compared to steroids:

S23 belong to a group of chemicals known as SARM and a miracle non-steroidal muscle strengthening drug.  S23 is a more potent drug as compared to steroids. Steroids target every androgen receptor they encounter while S23 only targets androgen receptors selectively. The target of S23 is controlled and limited to muscle and fat tissues therefore it prevents human body from unnecessary side-effects as compared to steroids. If you want to increase your muscle strength and to have incredible muscle pack and you don’t care about side effects then you should go for steroids but if you want to build your muscle safely while avoiding any horrendous side-effect then S23 is the best choice for you. A study performed on two groups of rats tested with steroids and S23. The group of rats tested for S23 shows significant gain in muscle mass 

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