How do you get lean muscle mass with NOVA S4


Whether you are a bodybuilder or an average gym goer, the aim of most workouts s to gain lean muscle mass. Bodybuilders train in different ways to increase their overall mass which is what makes them looked all bulked up. However, the true strength lies in the lean muscle mass, which is compact muscle. Many people often mistake this concept. Lean muscle mass will make you stronger, give you more stamina and will not degenerate, unlike other body mass. Simply taking protein supplements may make you beefed up, but it will not help increase the muscle mass that matters most. In such cases, you should opt for a better performance enhancement product known as NOVA S4. It is basically a SARM and works in a similar manner to many other SARMS. It is great for preserving muscle mass, increasing stamina as well as preventing muscle degeneration. 

How does NOVA S4 work?

NOVA S4 is selective, which means it can bond with specific receptors in the body and will not affect the entire body. This is quiet beneficial as it will not cause any side effects on other organs in the body. It usually bonds with androgen receptors in the muscles, and triggers the protein synthesis of the muscles. This causes your body to produce more muscle mass without affecting the rest of the body. The best thing about this is that it affects mostly skeletal muscles, which are the main muscles in terms of strength. It works with equal effect in both the upper body and leg muscles. NOVA S4 works to enhance the body’s own muscle building process, which makes it much safer than many steroids. 

 Increases Lean muscle mass 

As mentioned earlier, taking NOVA S4 along with a specific workout routine can help you gain more lean muscle mass. You will start noticing a marked difference in your physique after a few weeks and you will be able to gain more from your workouts in the gym. You can even take it after workouts as a useful recovery product as it will help repair damaged muscle fibers through protein synthesis.


Improves stamina 

NOVA S4 will also help improve your stamina drastically. Yu will be able to lift more weight and may not feel as fatigued as before. This will help you accelerate your workout plan and reach your goals much faster. It will also assist you with breaking more personal records in the gym. There is evidence that shows that NOVA S4 can help increase bone density as well, giving you stronger bones. 

Prevents muscle wasting 

If you are a bodybuilder, you will be familiar with the risk of muscle wasting if you push yourself too hard, or during the cutting process. NOVA S4 can help preserve lean muscle mass and will assist you with the cutting process as well. It was originally created for this very purpose. This is especially useful for older people who are looking to preserve their muscle mass through lifting programs in the gym. 

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