• Why Take a Pre-Workout?

    Why Take a Pre-Workout?
    You cannot deny that the popularity of pre-workout supplements has surpassed that of protein in the last decade. However, not all pre-workout products are equal, and not all pre-workout supplement stores sell products effective for all athletes, just like protein supplements. But the question arises what a Pre-Workout Supplement Is? Pre-workout supplements : consist of all of the substances that people consume to increase...
  • BCAA Vs Creatine - Which One To Choose?

    BCAA Vs Creatine - Which One To Choose?
    Picking a healthy supplement composition is both an art and science in and of itself. Despite the countless articles and resources available, determining which supplements or supplement combos would work much better for your individual needs and fitness goals can be difficult. The 'BCAA vs Creatine' debate is an old one. They appear to be identical and are frequently promoted to the same target...
  • The Best Way to Burn Fat, Not Muscle

    The Best Way to Burn Fat, Not Muscle
    When asked what their training objectives are, one of the most popular responses is 'I want to reduce weight.' With good cause. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), around 71% of individuals aged 20 and over are overweight. When most individuals indicate, they would like to reduce weight, they really mean that they want to lose body fat rather than muscle mass....
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